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How to Have a Creative and Original Wedding

Creative and original wedding in your plans? You don’t have to feel trapped by anyone else’s ideas. Here are our tips for making sure you get the artsy wedding you want. State your goal to have a creative and original wedding up-front. This sounds very businesslike, and yes, it is! When you’re spending money on Read more about How to Have a Creative and Original Wedding[…]

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If It Rains On Your Wedding Day

If it rains on your wedding day, it’s considered good luck! But if you are feeling less thrilled about the possibility, check out our tips for great fallback plans, and last-minute fixes. Visit your location in advance, on a rainy day. Observe where runoff water goes. Are entrances flooded? Parking garages full of drips? Is Read more about If It Rains On Your Wedding Day[…]

Destination Weddings Pros and Cons

Destination weddings sound exotic, don’t they? Who wouldn’t want to be swept away by the romance of a tropical destination? Before you book those flights, let’s take a frank look at the pros and cons of destination weddings. The Pros of Destination Weddings You’ll probably save money. By avoiding the large reception, you can spend Read more about Destination Weddings Pros and Cons[…]

Alternatives to White Wedding Gowns

Looking for something less traditional, but still elegant and flattering? There are plenty of alternatives to white wedding gowns for your special day. Thirty years ago, there were a number of strict conventions about wedding gown colours. Traditionally, blue was worn for a second wedding, for both widows and divorcees. Often, the only debate for Read more about Alternatives to White Wedding Gowns[…]